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Bugreader brings together top security researchers from all over the world where anyone interested in cybersecurity can read their security reports and more.

  • You can publish a public or private report. The private report let you see when the report was opened and some information about the reader's device.
  • In your profiles, all your reports are listed, along with your contact information, experiences, certificates and more.

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The design of our site and the presentation of reports and topics are based on simplicity, so that the information can easily reach anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge. We welcome all the people who want to enter the world of cybersecurity.

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In addition to honest reports, the platform contains a complete community for publishing lessons, topics and experiences of security researchers, in a fully interactive environment that guarantees them to open dialogues and discussions and publish this content as references.

This feature is used to measure the percentage of researchers participating in the site.

Everything is shareable through short links, whether it is reports, posts, comments and even replies.

We plan to launch our own open source cybersecurity tools and software soon.

The new integrated community of all security researchers.

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