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Scheduled Maintenance
  17 Aug 2021

Hey hunters! The website may be down for a few hours due to maintenance. Thank you.

Read and Donate to Beirut Explosion Victims Campaign
  07 Aug 2020

We have launched the Read & Donate campaign to give security researchers from around the world the ability to donate for the victims of the Beirut Explosion during this hard time. The extremely powerful main blast resulted in at least 157 deaths, 5,000 injuries, US$10-15 billion in property damage and an estimated 300,000 people left homeless. Any support whether through donation, campaign participation or reading is appreciated. We will be transparent in the way donations are distributed through our team in Lebanon, and we will keep you updated on how the process is going. Official Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/readanddonate - Bugreader Team

Bugreader Social Is Out!
  07 Jun 2020

We developed an entirely new section which is a place where any researcher can publish posts, tutorials, discussions, stories with ease and through a professional text editor that supports technical and regular content. The new section is called "Bugreader Social". The new section features: - Categories and subcategories, such as the "Bug Validity", through which you can ask any question about your vulnerabilities to discuss it with other researchers to share experiences. There are also other sections like Write-ups, Tutorials, and more are coming soon! - Each post has a discussion (comments/replies) box with notifications support. - Posts can be filtered by company, category and subcategory, as well as live search by text. - Reference first; all posts, comments and replies are sharable, meaning you can for example get a short link for any comment and share it anywhere. General updates - Notifications are now available and support several actions in the platform. - Updating the home page by making it better and in line with the current and future expansion of the platform. We are working on the project independently and without the support of any other parties, and therefore we have decided that we want to involve distinguished security researchers in making the platform better by launching our official account on the Patreon for those who want to support us in the platform developing and getting special features. https://www.patreon.com/bugreader Currently, we're not planning to place ads on the website. Our goal is to make the content reading experience comfortable in order to get the most out of it. Full details: https://bugreader.com/social/100952 Follow: https://bugreader.com/bugreader for news and update! - Bugreader team

A huge update is on the way
  20 Apr 2020

Dear Security Researchers, We have been working over the past months on important updates, which we will launch soon. You may have noticed some changes in the look of the site recently, this is because we are preparing to launch a new update that includes a new section on the site. Our platform will continue to evolve and provide a mix of services to all security researchers around the world, and soon you will be able to help us to make the platform one of the most important references in the world of cybersecurity. Stay ready! - Bugreader Team

Bugreader Updates
  29 May 2019

New features: • Added "Career" section in researcher's profile ( https://bugreader.com/ ) so you can add your Experiences, Certificates and Educations. • Adding "Researchers Page": https://bugreader.com/ top • Added " Revoke" option for each private report so you can regenerate the private report URL. You can find the new option in "Report Privacy Settings". • Added "View As Mode" so you can know how visitors see your profile. You can find this new option in the drop-down list on the top right corner of the page (profile picture). • UX / UI improvements: now you can easily change your reports "Privacy Settings" using the "Privacy Icon" on the side of each report card.