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A huge update is on the way
  20 Apr 2020

Dear Security Researchers, We have been working over the past months on important updates, which we will launch soon. You may have noticed some changes in the look of the site recently, this is because we are preparing to launch a new update that includes a new section on the site. Our platform will continue to evolve and provide a mix of services to all security researchers around the world, and soon you will be able to help us to make the platform one of the most important references in the world of cybersecurity. Stay ready! - Bugreader Team

Bugreader Updates
  29 May 2019

New features: • Added "Career" section in researcher's profile ( https://bugreader.com/ ) so you can add your Experiences, Certificates and Educations. • Adding "Researchers Page": https://bugreader.com/ top • Added " Revoke" option for each private report so you can regenerate the private report URL. You can find the new option in "Report Privacy Settings". • Added "View As Mode" so you can know how visitors see your profile. You can find this new option in the drop-down list on the top right corner of the page (profile picture). • UX / UI improvements: now you can easily change your reports "Privacy Settings" using the "Privacy Icon" on the side of each report card.