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Finally, we're launching the new version of Bugreader!

We developed an entirely new section which is a place where any researcher can publish posts, tutorials, discussions, stories with ease and through a professional text editor that supports technical and regular content. The new section is called "Bugreader Social".

The new section features

- Categories and subcategories, such as the "Bug Validity", through which you can ask any question about your vulnerabilities to discuss it with other researchers to share experiences. There are also other sections like Write-ups, Tutorials, and more are coming soon!

- Each post has a discussion (comments/replies) box with notifications support.

- Posts can be filtered by company, category and subcategory, as well as live search by text.

- Reference first; all posts, comments and replies are sharable, meaning you can for example get a short link for any comment and share it anywhere.

General updates

- Notifications are now available and support several actions in the platform.

- Updating the home page by making it better and in line with the current and future expansion of the platform.

We are working on the project independently and without the support of any other parties, and therefore we have decided that we want to involve distinguished security researchers in making the platform better by launching our official account on the Patreon for those who want to support us in the platform developing and getting special features.


Currently, we're not planning to place ads on the website. Our goal is to make the content reading experience comfortable in order to get the most out of it.

The site has now +7,000 unique visitors and nearly half a million requests every month and the Daily Time on Site period increased dramatically to +5 minutes, which is a high and excellent number!

Thank you for your support and happy hunting!

- The Bugreader Team