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Published On: 04 Sep 2021

SQL Injection + XSS In US Department of Health and Human Services Website

SQL Injection
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While searching for XSS on the US Department of Health and Human Service website (I did find one) I noticed something strange in a "Select" inside a search form when I add a some characters after its value using "Inspect Element -> Network Tab". It turned out later that it was the result of an XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities in just one place.


SQL injection vulnerability leads to a leak of sensitive data in 3 databases from . XSS vulnerability may leads to steal user data, browser sessions, malicious redirection and more (combined with social engineering techniques).

Reproduction Steps


I visit a subdomain in lets call it: sub

I tested a search form with method = POST but it has some GET parameters where the submited values are printed in the same page again after the submit is done.


------ XSS ------

In the page, one of the submitted values is added to a JavaScript function inside the same page, lets call it: blabla() :

function blabla(){ ... } blabla('My_Submitted_Text_here', 'another param whatever');

What I did is to let the function to be called normally by adding this code: ',''); and a custom function called _a()

This function will take 2 dummy parameters like the function we targeted (random params names) in my case: x & z

Then I can call the function and complete the code like this:

function _a(x,z){ alert('WOW!'); } _a('

The goal is to let the function work normally without any errors and add a custom function with custom payload so the final code will become:

function blabla(){ ... } blabla('My_Query_Text_here','');  function_a(x,z){ alert('WOW!'); } _a('', 'another param whatever');

As you can see, I can pass any code inside the _a() function and it will be executed.

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------ SQL Injection ------

The same XSS code was able to reveal another bug; SQL injection.

Since the SQL error was displayed as you can see in the image (from step #2), I use an automatic SQL injection tool to check the bug type and extract the databases as you can see in the attached image.


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Mohammad 21 Jul 2020

Initial Report XSS and SQL injection bugs report + POC

04 Aug 2020

The report was forwarded to US DHS CISA DHS CISA will reach you out.

06 Aug 2020

DHS CISA contact me via email Asking for bugs full details.

Mohammad 07 Aug 2020

Sending bugs report + POC to DHS CISA team

07 Oct 2020

Fixed Both bugs was fixed.