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Published On: 30 Jan 2020

Page admin disclosure via the 'thread_associated_page_admin'

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In Facebook pages there is an option that allow the managers of the page to assign a conversation to a specific admin. A malicious user is able to disclose the assigned admin to his message through the Graphql response responsible of fetching messages with someone .


Page admin disclosure via the 'thread_associated_page_admin' field when admin is assigned to a page conversation.

Reproduction Steps


User A sent a message to the victim page .


The message is received to the victim page page, " User B " is one of the admins, he assigned this message to another admin called " User C ", by entering to the inbox of his page and choose "User C" message and in the top of the page under the sender name -> "Assign Conversation"


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User A (attacker)  wants to disclose the assigned admin on his message , so he will send a graphql request to fetch his message with this page( load messages from messenger) .


Attached is the Graphql request to fetch message with someone 

First party token (e.g. android token ) .

doc_id : 2696825200377124

variables : {"id":"VICTIM_PAGE"}


Looking at the response User A (attacker) is able to see an object contain the details of the assigned admin to his message and thus User A is able to disclose one of the page admins.

the object is " thread_associated_page_admin" contain the id of the admin, his name and his profile pic .

"id": "100036542018278",
"name": "Victim Name",
"profile_picture": { ... }


I would like to thanks my friends Sarmad Hassan & Rony K Roy for helping me in this bug . I advice you to read Sarmad & Rony Write-ups Sarmad : https://bugreader.com/jubabaghdad https://medium.com/@JubaBaghdad Rony : https://bugreader.com/rony

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Facebook 29 Jan 2020

Fixed We have looked into this issue and believe that the vulnerability has been patched. Please let us know if you believe that the patch does not res ... See More

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