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Published On: 02 Feb 2021

Create a block list in brand safety on behalf of any other user

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Facebook have an option called "Brand Safety" for preventing your ads from running alongside certain types of content within Audience Network, Facebook Instant Articles and Facebook in-stream video for more details see link


When you go to brand safety controls and select block list, a graph call being sent to the server as below: POST /v7.0/AD_ACCOUNT_ID/auto_applied_ad_accounts?access_token=xxxx account_id= The vulnerable parameter is "account_id=" where the attacker is able to change the value of that parameter to any user and when he send the request to the server, it will generate a block list on behalf of that user.


It was possible to create a block list in brand safety on behalf of any other user. This would prevent victim to publish ads on specific places set by the attacker.

Reproduction Steps


from attacker account:

1- Go to
2- Select block list ===> Create block list====> type block list name and upload any .txt file ====> then hit upload =====> apply ====> select any of those options ("Don't apply to ad account now" or "Apply to ad account") it doesn't matter ===> Save
3- Go to Control options ====> Select block list ===> check on the block list name that you created ===> Intercept with burpsuite ===> Save

you should see POST request like below:

POST /v7.0/AD_ACCOUNT_ID/auto_applied_ad_accounts?access_token=xxxxxxx HTTP/1.1


change the value of "account_id=" to victim's value ID and forward the request to the server, you will get error response as below :

{"error":{"message":"Unsupported post request.","type":"GraphMethodException","code":100,"fbtrace_id":"AwRwBgKI-PylZaWcUybP0Kr"}}

but it is ok, despite the server gave us an error but it worked

From the victim account:

1- Go to
2- Then go to Block lists options and you will see that the attacker created a block list name on behalf of victim user and the victim is not able to delete the block list only when the attacker delete it.

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Special thanks

I would like to thanks my friend Abdellah Yaala for his great support.

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