Ahmad Halabi

Published On: 23 Oct 2020

IDOR & SQL Query Manipulation to fetch user details

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I found this bug in a private program related to Virtual Machines on Hackerone.


After I created an account on the target website and navigated to my profile, I noticed that there is an api request that sends an SQL query via q parameter to fetch user details. API Request: /api/2.0/search?q=SELECT+id,+login,+rank,+view_href+FROM+users+WHERE+id+%3D+%2259245%22, where 59245 is my ID. I changed my user ID to another user ID and got some PII information related to him. I also was able to manipulate SQL query by Selecting all data related to `users` table.


Fetch and retrieve users data that are found in `users` table due to IDOR bug.

Reproduction Steps


Login to your account, click on view My Profile and intercept the request. You will notice an api call contains sql query to fetch your details.

API Request: /api/2.0/search?q=SELECT+id,+login,+rank,+view_href+FROM+users+WHERE+id+%3D+%2259245%22


Manipuate the SQL Query and change your userID to another user ID as below:

Modified Request: /api/2.0/search?q=SELECT+*+FROM+users+WHERE+id+%3D+%2259115%22


Forward the request and see that the api fetched the data successfully and gave me the response containing all target user details.

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Ahmad 08 Oct 2020

Initial Report

Private 08 Oct 2020

h1 Team Investigating the issue

Private 09 Oct 2020

h1 Team Triaged the Report

Private 12 Oct 2020

Bounty Awarded ($800)

Private 16 Oct 2020

Closed as Informative The company decided that the complete fix will require changing the whole structure, so they deployed a quick simple patch for the current time.